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Toxic Justice is the true story of Nancy Swan's toxic injury and her quest for justice for herself and two dozen injured schoolchildren and teachers.    In October 1985, Nancy Swan was seriously and permanently injured after three days of exposure to toxic chemicals from a spray-on foam roofing system applied during the school day.   At the beginning of what was to be Nancy's  tenth year of teaching at Long Beach Junior High School in Mississippi, her career ended. 

Sick and unable to work, Nancy retained Biloxi attorney Paul Minor and filed a lawsuit against the chemical manufactures and applicator in 1986.  Her landmark toxic tort case languished fifteen years in state courts, becoming the longest running case in state history.  Nancy thought her arduous legal problems were almost over when her trial was finally docketed to take place in February 2000 in Harrison County Circuit Court before Judge John Whitfield.    Instead,  Nancy discovered she had an even bigger problem to solve, one that would pit her and her family in a David and Goliath battle for justice.

 Nancy's  articles about her experience,  has been published in legal reform, human rights, and advocacy news websites, including Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer 2009: The Human DimensionEdNews, and Parent Advocates.

Dr. Carl Bernofsky, former Research Professor at the Tulane University School of Medicine, wrote

"Nancy Swan's book [Toxic Justice] ... will describe her metamorphosis from classroom teacher to severely injured victim to ardent crusader for judicial reform. Many obstacles had to be overcome in her quest for justice. Others have set about on similar missions only to fall exhausted, short of their goal. Swan shows us the virtue of perseverance. She stands as a symbol of strength and tenacity for those about to embark on their own treacherous voyage in search of justice."

Nancy Swan draws upon her education, experience, and media training to promote healthier schools, judicial reform, and whistle-blower protection. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from a northern California University and a master's level post-graduate education.  She has a degree in Theater, trained in educational television, taught Public Speaking, and served as theatrical director for community and school musicals. 

Nancy Swan is a participating member of the Alabama Writers Forum and the Mobile Writer’s Guild.  She has given public readings of her story and has been a guest speaker for civic, environmental, health, and writer's organizations.   Nancy Swan is a mother of five and a grandmother. She lives in the southeast with her husband, Charles Swan, an internationally renown artist and editorial cartoonist. 

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