Awards and Mentions

  • Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signs proclamation initiated by Nancy Swan making the last week in April 2011 National Healthy Schools Week in Tennessee.  Co- signer Thomas Swan, TN resident and Children's Environmental Protection Alliance member Daniela Kunz joined Swan for the signing photo..
  • Mississippi Governor Haley Barbours signs proclamation initiated by Nancy Swan in honor of National Healthy Schools Day making the week of April 11, 2011 Healthy Schools Week and April 11, 2011 Healthy Schools Day in the state of Mississippi.
  • Alabama Govenor Robert Bentley on March 29, 2011 signed proclamation initiated by Nancy Swan and joined by AL Senator Vivian Figures making April 11, 2011 National Healthy Schools Day in the state of Alabama.
  • Healthy Schools Network recognized volunteer speaker and activist for her help with National Healthy Schools Day 2010.
  • Alabama Governor Bob Riley on April 9, 2010, signs proclamation initiated by Nancy Swan making April 26, 2010 National Healthy Schools Day in Alabama.

  • Transparency International selected Nancy Swan’s commentary with reference to Toxic Justice to include in its 2009 Global Corruption Barometer: The human dimension. (See Comment #2 posted by editor Georg Neumann)
  • Awarded the E-Accountability Foundation A for Accountability Award. This award is given to those who "work to expose wrong-doing not for themselves, but for others - total strangers - for the 'Greater Good' of the community and, by their actions, exemplify courage and self-less passion,"
  • Alabama Governor Bob Riley signed Nancy Swan’s proposed state proclamation on behalf of Healthy Schools Network, making April 27, 2009 National Healthy Schools Day in Alabama.
  • She was selected as a spokesperson to partner with the EPA Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools (IAQ TfS) in Region 4, to encourage adoption of the EPA TfS in southeastern states as a result of her advocacy for environmentally safer schools.
  • Nancy Swan was selected as a featured speaker at the Citizen’s Forum on Judicial Accountability on Capital Hill in May 2008.
  • As an invited guest on Change of Venue, a blog-radio program, Nancy Swan was recognized as “one of the leading judicial reformers in the nation.” She was the featured guest on an hour long program of “Change of Venue: Taking a Bite out of the Middle Class.
  • Her essay, Courage, a portrait of perseverance and kindness of people in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, was selected for reading on Mississippi Public Broadcasting Radio.

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