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BP Oil Spill: Keeping Kids Safe

posted Aug 5, 2010, 3:24 PM by Nancy Swan   [ updated Aug 5, 2010, 3:51 PM by Thomas Swan ]
Healthy Schools Network ( Washington DC) published a "BP Oil Spill: Keeping Kids Safe" a two- page flyer advising parents and the community about the hazards to children from the BP Oil Spill.  I was selected by Healthy Schools Network to help advise the media and public in the Gulf Coast states affected by the BP Oil Disaster about the effect of oil spill contaminates on health of children.

The US Government sacrificed the health and lives kids and adults in Gulf oil spill disaster to protect  the fishing industry and tourist industry.   Our nation should be outraged that our political leaders encouraged families to come to Gulf Coast beaches, falsely claiming the beaches, the water, and the air was clean and safe.  There are other ways to protect the fishing and tourist industry without exposing children to harm.

Note harmful chemicals listed in Children and Disasters: Oil Spills, Oil Spill Contaminates provided by Healthy Schools Network.  If you or someone you know has visit the beaches during the oil spill crisis, you and your physician should be aware of the potential for health problems caused by the contaminates, some of which are known to cause cancer.  The Gulf Coast and tourist may experience a cancer cluster among our children and adults in the coming years, but by then BP may be protected from civil litigation through the statute of limitations.   

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I will be holding workshops and meetings to get this message, Healthy Schools Network's "BP Oil Spill: Keeping Kids Safe" flyer, and additional advisories to parents and the community.  Check this website for listings  of times and places for workshops and or meetings.  If you know an organization or foundation willing to sponsor these workshops through Healthy Schools Network, a nonprofit in DC, and NY, please let me know by emailing me a nswan342 (at) gmail (dot) c0m.