The Golden Whistle List: Good News About Whistleblowers

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men -- Abraham Lincoln


The Golden Whistle List: Good News about Whistleblowers

  •  1/12/2010, Whistleblower law strengthened in Sullivan County (Mid-Hudson News Network) “There are a lot of protections afforded in the statute as it stands, but this is nice just to send a message to your employees that they can come forward and they don’t have to worry about any sense of retaliation,” he said.
  • 1/10/2010, Join the lonely-heart whistleblowers' club, (The Daily Nation) "I HAVE RECENTLY BEEN THINKING of starting a Whistleblowers Club, sort of like Alcoholics Anonymous, complete with a 12-step recovery programme."  This article tells of the obstacles facing whistleblowers worldwide and includes inspiring words.
  • 12/18/2009, Pfizer whistleblower wins 2009 honor for business ethics, TheDay, "An ethics think tank has named John Kopchinski, a Pfizer Inc. whistleblower, as 2009's most influential person in business ethics."
  • 12/09/2009, Roxane to pay state $8.5M in whistleblower case, South Florida Business Journal, "By inflating prices, Roxane allegedly causes the state’s Medicaid program to overpay millions of dollars in pharmacy reimbursements."
  • 11/27/2009, Wikileaks website offers promising outlet for fighting corruption, DW-World DE, "Top secret and restricted access: Government officials have long found ways to conceal documents that might incriminate them. With the Internet platform Wikileaks, insiders can now bring such documents to the public."
  • 11/17/2009, House GOP arrests lead to proposed ethical reforms, Post-Gazette, "Mr. Smith also is proposing an ethical code of conduct for government employees and contractors, a ban on awarding contracts to campaign contributors, audits of the General Assembly and whistleblower protections for employees who alert authorities to legal and ethical violations."
  • 11/10/2009, Broward School Board settles with whistleblower, Sun Sentinel, "The Broward School Board approved a settlement Tuesday with a former building inspector who said she was fired in retaliation for sounding alarms about building code violations on school construction projects."